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Tarifs 2023

Set up:


Set up includes the straighness of the neck (trussrod), the height of the strings (action), intonation (work on nuts and saddles) and the cleaning of the body and fretboard.

Nouveauté 2023 :

Fabriquez vous-même votre sillet. Je vous accueille à l'atelier sur une session de 3h pour réaliser votre sillet en os et apprendre à régler votre instrument.

150€ par personne

Acoustic set up

Electric set up

Electric set up with vibrato

Bass set up

Strap button installation

Bone nut

String change


Broken headstock

Fret levelling




Refret with binding

Varnish operations

Neck reset

Electronics (labor only)

Pick up replacement

Jack replacement

Switch replacement

Complete wiring

Complete wiring on hollow body

Pick up installation on acoustic guitar

Banjo or banjoline skin replacement

Any other operation

40,00 € (classical + 10€ for strings)

40,00 €

50,00 €

40.00 € (strings not included)

15€ + parts

35,00 €

15€ + strings


From 45€

80€ set up included.

200€ set up included. A new nut may be necessar for new frets are higher (+ 35€)

250,00 €

Full body without removal of the old PU varnish 250€

Full body with removal of the old varnish 500€

Dyes and sunbursts ; contact me

From 80€ if neck removal possible


50,00 €

30,00 €

50,00 €

90,00 €

150,00 €

60,00 €

70€ Labor only

Contact me

Instrument build:


The making of your instrument is a process adapted to your musical style and expectations. Please contact me for an estimate : 06 04 42 96 68.

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